An efficient and secure communication

Dokmail's mission is to reduce a company's paper usage and to enhance the use of economical communications. We help our clients reach these goals by simplifying communication through the exchange of documents in an easy-to-use and secure environment.

With Dokmail, users (employees, clients, suppliers, etc.) can refer to archived documents whenever they please. Any message or document sent by a company through its management solution is automatically archived and can be viewed at any time.

How to access your documents

To gain access, let the management of the company using Dokmail know you are interested in receiving your documents via this service. When ACCEO Solutions is notified by the company and the communication option is activated in their management software, you will be able to receive messages and documents from the organization.

Make sure the company that will be sending you documents has your e-mail address in hand. As soon they are ready to use Dokmail, you will receive an e-mail with user instructions.

Go green!

Thanks to Dokmail, clients have minimized their environmental imprint by reducing their use of paper by

228,183,758 pages
27,383 trees!